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We seek to resolve disputes expediently and in a practical fashion. This often involves finding an amicable solution through negotiations or by utilizing means of alternative dispute resolution, where feasible.

Our lawyers have ample experience on handling demanding litigation assignments, both in public courts as well as in arbitration. We have particularly strong experience in contentious matters related to technology, intellectual property rights, and employment law.

Among our key competencies is counseling clients in matters involving criminal offences in the corporate environment. We assist companies that have been subject of corporate crime, in pertinent police investigations and resultant legal proceedings, including handling related claims for damages. We also represent companies in situations involving a suspected offence by the company itself or its directors. We possess versatile experience in handling demanding criminal cases, and we regularly act as counsel in disputes involving e.g. work place safety, fraud, misappropriation of confidential information, bribery, securities market violations, debtors’ dishonesty, and information technology systems.

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